Battaglin Cicli has been a high-end bicycle manufacturer for more than 30 years. Located in Marostica, North-East of Italy, our family-owned company was established by legendary Italian cyclist Giovanni Battaglin.
The fascinating story of the climber who achieved the “Giro d’Italia” and “Vuelta d’Espana” double in 1981 has tied up with his successful career as an entrepreneur, capable of leading a little workshop to become an iconic brand of Italian design.

Battaglin have come to represent the whole universe of pedal-powered two-wheels: fast road machines, classy 100% Made-in- Italy steel frames and the Full- Dynamix mountain bikes, ridden on the most prestigious trails by a factory pro team, whose list of honours speaks for itself.

We can count on the worldwide reputation of our products, built throughout the years.

The strong focus on materials and design has always been aimed to meet the needs of professional and occasional riders who prioritize performance when choosing their bike: with the 2017 collections we are ready to face the most competitive challenges of modern cycling. New mould shapes, new finishes, new technological enhancements to keep up with our legacy of innovation and excellent build quality.


If you’re passionate about road carbon frames that are efficient and look sleek, head over to Battaglin and check out our new carbon road models.

Is “speed” synonymous with “fun” when you tackle rough terrain? Visit the Full-Dynamix website to learn more about the latest hardtail advancements.

Handmade road steel frames. Officina Battaglin is devoted to develop the finest boutique frames. Discover Officina Battaglin to see what we do in our workshop in Italy.